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Indoor flying brings with it a unique set of challenges, even for the more experienced flyers.  It demands precise timing to keep within the hard confines of the hall, especially when doing aerobatics.

Indoor flying is also very good practice for normal outdoor flying especially if you want to try more advanced manoeuvres, this is the place to do it as indoor models are generally very close to neutral aerodynamically speaking,
and also take more punishment should it go wrong.

For those who fancy having a go and building their own model, listed below are a few links for suitable models. The essence with indoor flying is to keep the model as light as possible, 150gm AUW ideally, but less than 200 gm.

We have built all sorts over the years and honestly, models made by RC Factory are the best.

Indoor flying takes place between the months of October and March, 8pm to 10pm on alternate Thursdays:

  • There is free parking on site

  • Entry cost for pilots £10

  • Entry cost for spectators £2.

Current confirmed dates are entered into our Events system.


Venue Address:

  • Chiltern Archery Centre

  • Buckland

  • HP22 5HZ

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